Great resource for multimedia newbies

Mindy McAdams of the University of Florida is the queen bee of multimedia educators in universities. And she’s able to make multimedia accessible for non-geeks, too. So consider this Multimedia 101: In a downloadable pdf you can put on your desktop and visit when you have time, Mindy walks you through basic multimedia use. If you know, or don’t care to know, some competency she discusses, just skip to the next one. And as I said, this is for the non-geek/wonk/nerd/dweeb, etc. In other words, it’s plain English explanations. If you’re serious about expanding your multimedia horizons, this is the place to start.

Multimedia Online news

Why journalists shouldn’t use Flash

Mark Luckie at 10,000 Words has a post about Adobe Flash and journalism and is saying something that isn’t said enough — journalists don’t need to know how to use it. As he says, Flash was all the rage when it came out. But, as we’ve shown in our Web workshops, there are many free online tools that do the exact same thing with far less effort.

Multimedia Video

How to approach a video story

Colin Mulvany (The Spokane, Wa. Spokesman Review) just posted some great tips on how to approach video storytelling. This isn’t the type of how-to that goes through what buttons to push and what menu items to click, but it provides some very helpful advice on adjusting to the video mindset and getting the most from your video stories.