A little basic grammar — am I asking too much?

Editor’s note: ME Kathi Bliss of the Lockhart Post-Register, who has spent a couple of weeks covering the nation’s biggest hot air balloon accident, has now turned her attention to looking over applications from people who want to string for the P-R. And she has found it pretty frustrating. But what editor hasn’t lamented the language skills of people who want to work for a newspaper?

I am a hard-core stickler for grammar, punctuation and spelling. And I’ve received resumes that make me understand why I’d just as soon do this job myself. Actual, in the moment “text speak.”

I received a cover letter that included a nod that “Ur always having to travel to football games.”

Sorry, son. I’d rather travel every other Friday night from now until Rapture, than have you as a stringer.

Am I wrong, here? Am I asking too much?

I can’t, and I won’t, pick up a stringer that uses text-speak for a cover letter. I’d rather do it myself.

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