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How newspaper columnists can be great bloggers

The thing newspaper columnists do best, Robert Niles says, can make them great assets online. Many columnists already have established followings, it’s just matter of converting those followers into participants in an online dialogue. His piece in Online Journalism Review has some practical advice on how to do that.

Ask an Expert Questions and Answers

Are court records covered by Texas public information laws?

No. They are open to the public but not because of the state’s open government laws. Court records are considered public documents under common law. That means a person can view documents during reqular business hours at the district clerk’s office or in other specified offices where those records are kept at the county courthouse. Sometimes a judge may have a record checked out, and those records, too, can be viewed by the public by going directly to the judge’s office. A written request is not needed for court records.


A site you should bookmark

If you’re looking for one-stop shopping to get an overview of what’s going on in the world of journalism and new media, we hope, of course, that you’ll come here to the TCCJ site and check out our Around the Web posts, where we try to pre-digest a lot of news and ideas and let you choose what you want to follow up on. But if you’re still hungry for more, go to the site above. You will find all kinds of blogs and sites designed to tell you what’s going on in the world of journalism. So bookmark it, and when you have a few extra minutes, check out one of those sites to find out the latest thinking and happenings in the changing media world.


‘Keep it short’ rule for online video may be out

A story in today’s New York Times chronicles the rise of online video and shows some recent statistics that indicate users’ attention spans are growing significantly. It may no longer be necessary to hit the less-than-90-seconds mark that not so long ago was the ideal length for an online video. “A few years ago, three minutes ‘watching’ your computer felt like a novelty; now, it’s as familiar as your television set,” said one online video producer.