The Center offers two types of workshops for community journalists:

  • One-day workshop: One day of intensive learning. Most are free and a few require a nominal registration fee. Workshops have included a crash course in Photoshop, selling advertising for your Web edition, how to use the resources of the Internet in your reporting, advertising design, writing improvement, and lots more.
  • Two-day workshop: Thursday afternoon through Friday workshops, offered free through the generosity of the Texas Newspaper Foundation. No tuition, room or food charges while you’re at the workshop on the TCU campus. Workshop topics have included photojournalism, writing and editing, advertising sales, management, page design, developing an effective Web edition, sportswriting, and circulation.

For our workshops, we bring in top specialists in community journalism from around the United States-people who are successfully doing whatever we’re teaching in that workshop.  No recycled here’s-what-we’re-doing-in-the-metro-papers in these workshops, just practical information from top community journalists.

All workshop registrations are conducted online. We have an extensive online mailing list of Texas community journalists, but if you are not on that list, we’ll be happy to add you. Just email us at and ask to be added to the list. We also announce new workshops on our Facebook page, so go to the center’s page and Like us. Our Facebook friends get the first chance to register for workshops, which typically fill within days of being announced.

We regularly gather feedback from our workshop participants. This page has some feedback from some of our recent workshop participants.

Apply for our next workshop here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who attends our workshops?
A: More than 300 newspapers from around Texas have sent staff members to our workshops. See the list here.

Q: How do I find out about the workshops?
A: Emails are sent to every community newspaper in Texas.  Also, we email all alumni of previous workshops.  If you want to be on our mailing list personally (the email going to you in addition to one to your publisher or editor), just notify us at and we’ll add you to our mailing list.

Q: Can I suggest a topic for future workshops?
A: Absolutely.  Email us at with your ideas.

Q: Once I have attended a workshop, can I return?
A: You cannot repeat the same workshop, but you can attend another workshop.  In every workshop group, we have alumni of previous workshops.