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NYT hires “social media editor”

The New York Times has hired a “social media editor” who is going to be connecting with users on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. The first link is a blog post from Mashable, a blog about social media trends. The second link is to the new social media editor’s Twitter account.

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Build the community in community journalism using social media

In a short video interview, Kevin Hessel from the Marin Independent Journal shares some of the ways he uses social media at the Marin (Cali.) Independent Journal to engage readers.

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Advice on ethics and social media

With all the discussion over ethics on Twitter and other social networks this week, I thought I’d post this entry from a few months ago by Steve Buttry, TCU alumnus and information content conductor at Gazette Communications. He offers some guidance journalists who participate in social networks.

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WSJ releases policy for journalists on social networks

The Wall Street Journal has released rules for professional conduct on social networks. The WSJ policy addresses an interesting area that many news organizations have been grappling with for a long time — what is considered appropriate conduct for journalists on new mediums like Twitter and Facebook? The first link is an Editor & Publisher story about the issue, which includes the policy. The second link is social-media blog Mashable’s commentary on the policy.